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Our core activities are to offer our corporate clients the whole range of legal and consulting services. We take upon ourselves the solutions of different non-standard problems, which happen to various business transactions and processes and demand a complex and complicated approach.
We offer our clients several types of services: permanent service (subscriber maintenance with assignation of personal accountant, legal advisor, and financial consultant from amongst the staff of our company), and individual service concerning a special problem occurring.
Our specialists obtain a higher level of professionalism and a longstanding experience of dealing with the most difficult problems concerning our core activities. They can be considered as the best advisors in professional spheres, such as accounting, tax law, civil and corporate law. Constant qualification upgrading of our staff allow guarantee the highest quality level of our services.
The highest professional level of our specialists combined with an individual approach to our clients is highly respected by everyone who ever dealt with our company in business.

We help you always being on top.


Registration services

The registration services department offers our clients the whole range of services concerning registration of legal entities, valuable securities, and property rights. The department professionals obtain huge theoretical basis as well as practical experience in the mentioned business sphere helping to avoid inaccuracy and shortcomings in problem solving.
We offer you free prior consultation, during which our specialists would help you to set your position about all niceties of legal entity registration.
The services offered by registration services department are as follows:

  • Registration of legal entities (any kind of business ownership)
  • Organizational procedures (branch and division opening, including ones for foreign companies)
  • Changes in foundation documents
  • Capital issuance registration
  • Reorganization of legal entities (acquisitions, consolidations, separations, etc.)
  • Liquidation of legal entities
  • Bankruptcy

Legal services

Legal department of Megapolis Consult Company offer the effective solutions concerning the active law of Russian Federation with the help of experience and theoretical preparation of the companys professionals, intense legal practice and involvement of material and technical resources needed.
Our companys capabilities allow to optimize the process duration time and costs while resolving the most difficult problems in any sphere of legal activity.
The priority-oriented goal of Megapolis Consult Company is to offer legal services of highest quality level. The professional level of our staff combined with the optimal work organization help to find the most appropriate solutions to the tasks formed by our clients. The complex approach to solutions of any problems and difficult situations guarantee our clients the most elegant way out of any problems they face.
The individual, customer-oriented approach to any of our clients depending on his needs allow pick up the most appropriate form of cooperation and service. Depending on the form of service adopted, the client is offered a flexible payment system that can combine various types of payments hourly or fixed, subscriber maintenance or combined. Our clients are offered to choose the way of payment that could be most convenient for them. Our company offers various solutions to the huge range of legal problems and difficulties, including overall accompaniment to business transactions and processes throughout Russian Federation and exteriorly.

Legal consultations:

  • Preparation of legal opinions in any sphere of law activity
  • Development and legal due diligence of any kind of contracts, agreements, acts, etc.
  • Legal accompaniment of human resources management
  • Representation of applicants interests in various instances of authorities and behind third parties (taking part in negotiations with partners and contractors)
  • Legal accompaniment of deals and provision of their legal security
  • Tax planning and consultations
  • Provision of legal security in solutions to corporate problems

Judicial protection:

  • Pre-trial regulation of disputes
  • Development of declaration projects
  • Acting in arbitral and civil processes of any hierarchy level
  • Legal accompaniment of execution
  • Appeal to judicial acts

Real estate consultations:

  • Consultations concerning real estate deals
  • Legal accompaniment to real estate deals taking into account their security, dependability guaranteeing the transfer of property rights
  • Legal accompaniment to activities concerning construction and reconstruction process or their parts
  • Services of making changes to state register

Accounting services

Our professionals will help arranging financial, tax and personnel accounting, and will help to make a choice of an optimal and convenient accounting system for a particular type of activity.
Having decided to sign a contract concerning accounting accompaniment with us, you can be sure that you have made a step to cut your expenses and save your time, as well as to achieve a highly professional support. Our specialists will prepare a complete set of documents to be represented to tax administration body, and will be responsible for representation of these documents in order to take control under the proper and up to date payment of taxes.

Accounting services include:

  • Design and execution of financial accounting in your company. Development of accounting policies and organization of paperwork (including one in accordance with international accounting standards)
  • Recovery of financial accounting documentation
  • Expertise of state body opinions concerning punishment administrations, complex preparation to tax inspections
  • Tax optimization and consultations on tax law implementation



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